International Women’s Day 2019

Eugene Garden Club

Sophia Sanctuary's International Women's Day: Gratitude, Sisterhood & Sanctuary Saturday March 9th, 2019 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM , with opening & closing Circles at the Eugene Garden Club; 1645 High St. Eugene All self-identifying Womyn Welcome, Divination, & Healing Arts! Workshops- Qi Gong, Tarot, Belly Dancing, Yoga Entertainment - Flamenco Chico featuring Martita Santiago; singing, spoken […]

Final Open Full Moon Circle (Womyn only event)

Our last open full Moon will be on April 18th. Then we will close for the year. Karen James and Rhianna will be our priestesses. We gather at 7 p.m. and ritual begins at 7:30 p.m. Feel free to bring snacks. Please email for directions:

2020 Imbolc Lunar Candelmas

Eugene Garden Club

We will be gathering on Friday evening, January 24th,  to celebrate the turning of the wheel. This Holy Day of Imbolc, Candelmas, is traditionally a time of initiation and a celebration of the great Celtic goddess Bridget, or Brigid. Life is returning to the earth, lambs are bouncing in the green fields, the first fragile crocuses […]

Lunar Imbolc–Women only event

Lunar Imbolc ritual on Zoom on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 7:30pm.  Lunar Imbolc is the New Moon in Aquarius and a celebration of the cross-quarter holiday that is half-way to Spring Equinox. Please have on hand for the ritual a white candle, a branch or twig with unopened buds on it, and an “inner seed” you want to nurture […]

Spring Equinox–All genders welcome

Our rituals are gather at 7pm / begin at 7:30pm. For Zoom instructions, please email to if you're not already on our list. Thank you!  

REGISTRATION OPEN! “Wisdom Across the Ages” Online Symposium Celebrating Marija Gimbutas July 16-18 2021

UNESCO recognizes the birthdate of Marija Gimbutas among its milestone anniversary commemorations for 2021. Gimbutas' pioneering archaeological research, which focused on Neolithic European societies (6500-3500 BCE), led to the founding of a new interdisciplinary field, archaeomythology, and a revolutionary new understanding of the beliefs, rituals, female deities, symbols, and social structures of these early societies. […]

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